Our purpose is to achieve outperforming investment returns by offering our clients an unparalleled understanding of the Australian real estate sector.


Aretean Real Estate Funds Management division provides wholesale investors the opportunity to participate in investing in a range of asset classes, including property development, commercial buildings and other income-generating real estate assets.

Our core philosophy is preservation of capital; we seek to assist our clients to outperform industry benchmarks and more.

Aretean’s investments are focused on real estate assets located in the metropolitan areas of Sydney and Melbourne, with close proximity to transportation and social infrastructure.


Our experienced team have an acute sense of the market and access at compelling entrance valuations to off-market opportunities that are uniquely positioned for outperformance.

Aretean has a proven track record in providing our investors with outstanding investment returns.

Our team has the experience and capability to manage every stage of the real estate investment cycle, from acquisition to equity and debt funding; from development management to project management to delivery of each project.

- Let Aretean realist your path to prosperity.




We leverage our regional perspective, extensive local relationships and rigorous research to create opportunities our investors can trust.


Aretean’s Fixed Income Fund invests in solid asset-backed debt securities, ranging from senior to mezzanine.

Our Fixed Income Fund's objectives are to provide investors with typically 3%-6% return above bank term deposit rates. The returns vary according to the security type, terms and duration of the debt instrument.



Aretean Real Estate Development Fund identifies real estate locations that represent high-value development opportunities. The Fund aims to acquire or co-invest with leading developers in prime development sites of Sydney and Melbourne's metropolitan areas to deliver multi-unit commercial and residential assets to the market.

Our Real Estate Development Fund's objectives are to provide investors with an IRR of not less than 18% at completion.


Aretean’s Real Estate Income Fund invests in income-generating real estate assets in the inner metropolitan area of Sydney and Melbourne.

The Fund's objectives are to provide investors with access to commercial and residential assets typically generating a stable rental income and which are managed either by Aretean or by one of our reputable asset management partners.

- Navigate your path to outperforming returns.


We offer our clients bespoke services to support their real estate development goals, throughout the lifecycle of their assets.







Aretean provides advice to first-time Australian investors and developers, from financing through to legal and development.


Our advice can encompass the calculation of your project returns, structuring and legal consultation. We ensure that you'll make sound decisions based on comprehensive and analysis and real insight, in order to maximize the return on your investment.

Aretean also offers clients a complete development management solution.


We connect you with leading operators, as well as overseeing your investment from beginning to end, maximising the efficiency of your investment and ensuring greater control across the project lifecycle.

Project financing and capital efficiency is one of the key success factors in the delivery of project.


Aretean assists clients to build the optimal structure and team, perfecting the development program. We also offer our local understanding and network of financiers to achieve the optimal outcome for you.

- Partnering to unlock greater value.



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